The St. Louis Microfest is Lift For Life Gym’s biggest fundraising event of the year and we can’t do it without you!  Lift For Life Gym is a non-profit organization that offers free after-school programs to inner city kids ages 8-18. The Gym provides homework help, healthy exercise, weightlifting training, nutritious meals and a safe, nurturing environment. We teach our youth about the merits of hard work, working as a team, staying in school and keeping on the right path for their future!

As a small non-profit, Lift For Life Gym depends on volunteers to make Microfest possible. This year, we need 75 volunteers to come out to serve patrons, sell tickets, set up, breakdown, and clean up. Without these volunteers, our ability to raise funds for the inner-city youth that we work with would be compromised. Your time helps us keep our costs down so that we can do more good with the money we raise. The St. Louis Microfest offers volunteers the chance to give back to their community while also having a great time in a relaxed and laid back environment and many of our volunteers have been coming back for years. We would love for you to join our volunteer community!

Shifts for this event are:

Microfest Session: Saturday, May 11th:        12:00pm- 4:00pm

Some important things to keep in mind:

  • You MUST be 21+ to volunteer for this event 
  • This is a rain or shine event, we are counting on our volunteers to come no matter what the weather.
  • You will NOT be approved as a volunteer if you did not attend your shift last year.
  • Volunteers are not allowed to consume alcohol during their shift.
  • You will be standing much of your shift-please wear appropriate shoes.
  • Volunteers will be moved from their requested spot if we have a need for you elsewhere within the festival.  We will do everything we can to move you back, but we must put volunteers where we need them.
  • You WILL have a ton of fun!

Volunteer Position Descriptions:

Taste Facilitator & Bucket Brigade: SIGN UP TO BE A TASTE FACILITATOR HERE!

This position’s main duty is to pour 2 oz. samples of beer for each attendee at the event. You will be assigned to a specific brew and we ask that you learn what you can about that particular brew, either from the brewer themselves (if they are present) or from the signage provided at the event. You are expected to pour samples ONLY for those wearing the appropriate bracelet and ONLY with an official Microfest tasting glass. Examples of both of these will be provided for you prior to your shift.

*Taste Facilitators are periodically moved to muck buckets so please be aware that you may be asked to perform this duty as well.

Each table is provided with a 5 gallon bucket that patrons can use to pour out or spit out their beer should they choose not to drink the entire 2 oz. sample. These buckets have to be emptied. This generally means carrying the buckets across the festival grounds.

We generally do not expect our volunteers to do this position the entire time at the festival. We do make every effort to trade positions with Taste Facilitators at least ½ way through each session.


This position’s main duty is to collect tickets, put admission bracelets on and hand out tasting glasses, and any other necessary information.

Those working the welcome/ admission tables are generally moved to taste facilitators once the main rush of admissions is through the gates. About 1 hour  into the festival.