St. Louis Microfest Entertainment

Saturday, May 11th

Keep checking back for more information on featured entertainment for the 2024 St. Louis Microfest.

2:00-4:00 P.M.

Steve Ewing DUO

“‘The Ewing Effect'” is how you turn a lackluster party or night on the town into an exciting and memorable one for years to come. Why settle for the same hum-drum party or bar experience when you can have Steve Ewing come over and kick it live! Yes, that’s right, Steve Ewing, the very same Steve Ewing who fronted St. Louis’ pride and joy, The Urge. Steve has spent the past 20 years rocking out on stages of all sizes, and places all over, with an eclectic blend of covers, Urge favorites, and a wealth of original material as well. With Steve Ewing shows you’re in for a stellar mix of classic covers, Urge favorites and outstanding selections from any one of the six independent releases, including the latest, Zodiac.”