The St. Louis Brews Microfest Homebrewing Competition

The St. Louis Microfest Homebrew Competition is the sponsored and conducted by the St. Louis Brews to benefit Lift For Life Gym. It is a fully sanctioned AHA and BJCP event.  This year, the judging will be held on Saturday, April 29, with preliminary judging being done during the week.

Due to the overwhelming support of this competition, we will be instituting a cap of 300 entries this year, with a maximum number per brewer set at 8. Because of this, we encourage brewers to enter their beers early once registration begins.

Main judging is Saturday, April 29th at the Kirkwood Community Center.

Last year, we had over 300 entries, and we are capping it at that number this year.   Winners will be announced on May 6 at St. Louis Microfest. Shortly thereafter, the results will be found here.

The 2017 Microfest Overview & Rules are available now. Want to know where to send your entries, how much it costs and other important facts? The official rules. Learn it. Know it. Live it.

Style Guidelines
Entries must be referred to by the 2015 BJCP Guideline Category NUMBER and Subcategory LETTER. Download the style guidelines from for category designations and descriptions.

Register Your Beer
Registration will open on Sunday, April 2 and closes on Friday, April 21. All entries must be received by close of business, April 21.

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